Other Services

Pre-Sale / Vendor Building Inspections & Reporting

A Pre-Sale Building Inspection Report is commonly requested by the vendor and provides a fully comprehensive report as per the Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report.
This report is of great advantage to the vendor as it assists with identifying defects or issues that can be addressed prior to listing their property and therefore eliminating any risks of their sale not proceeding or being held up due to rectification costs being negotiated.

This is becoming common practice in the eastern states.

Quotations for the Rectification of building defects.

We have identified that many of our Clients are needing assistance after the purchase of their property with rectification quotes for defects identified by our consultants. The additional service that we provide for our Clients includes the engagement of qualified and licenced builders to provide a quotation directly to you that encompasses the full rectification of the defect. We will also meet the contractor on site and explain the defect so that they can fully understand the area of concern and a suitable rectification approach is identified and costed for you.
This eliminates any concern for you such as ensuring trusted and qualified contractors are being engaged.
Our Clients have provided feedback that it is best to have our SafeHome building consultant engaged directly with contractors as it saves them time from their busy schedule.

Specialised Insurance Reports

We can provide inspections and written reports that are required by insurance companies for property and building damage or defects.

Please contact us for further details.

Mould Identification & Reporting

One of our specialized services is the identification and reporting of mould in homes. Very few people are aware that mould can be toxic and harmful to humans. Moulds spread by releasing millions of tiny spores into the air. Airborne mould spores can produce allergic reactions in sensitive people similar to hay fever. People who experience allergic reaction to mould spores are also likely to suffer from asthma.

Further symptoms can be respiratory problems, nasal and sinus congestion, eye irritation, cough, sore throats, shortness of breath, central nervous system problems, aches and pains and possible fevers. See your GP if any of these systems persist !

Mould spores can be reduced by improving ventilation in the home and by limiting sources of moisture and condensation. Installing external drainage to the exterior of a property also prevents dampness from entering the dwelling also. Leaking pipes and roofs are also a common cause.

To ensure your family is not affected by the presence of harmful mould in your home please contact our office for further details on our services.